Communication Planning

Plan a campaign to engage stakeholders and move forward.


If you want to inspire people to understand and act differently, we can get you started. We'll co-create a strategy that enables you to define target audiences, objectives, and communication goals over time. We'll assess existing channels and materials to explore new possibilities together. 


What we create for our clients



Artifizer runs engaging (remote) workshops to develop your communication strategy. During the workshops, people explore ideas to reach a shared understanding and make informed decisions.


Visual concepts

Use visual concepts to review and assess possible communication tools with external stakeholders. Test and finetune your communication to maximize effect.

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Strategic plans

Artifizer captures workshop outcomes into accessible visual reports. This enables involving a broad group of stakeholders to participate, validate and contribute.


“Hermen has the gift to guide you as product owner by visualizing and defining your vision. This makes it easy to translate it into practice and gets employees and stakeholders on the same page. The result is that everybody is aware of the common goals, their contribution, and the focus, to achieve the highest business value.”


Ynske Bor,

Product Owner ABN AMRO