• Hermen Lutje Berenbroek

Interactive sales tool

How a design deliverable increased customer-centricity

SKO-IT is an innovative full-service IT provider in the Netherlands. The needs of their customers have been growing exponentially, which opened up new opportunities. SKO-IT engaged Artifizer for two reasons: align the internal stakeholders on products and services during an interactive workshop. Secondly, deliver an interactive sales tool to empower the sales team with a relevant and consistent customer message.

The co-creation workshop

During an interactive workshop at the SKO-IT office, we engaged all stakeholders to map their insights and knowledge of customers, products, and services. We started mapping a complete overview of current and future clients on the wall. Then we organized the customers into segments to further explore customers' pains and gains using empathy maps. The co-creative workshop resulted in a shared understanding of customer segments and specific customer pain points.

After the lunch break, we mapped all products and services and organized these into segments. Finally, we connected the dots and matched the customer pains to the specific products, services, and company values. The workshop's outcome was a deep and shared understanding of how SKO-IT solves customer challenges with specific products and services.

Design process

Concept phase

The outcomes of the workshop are foundational to the development of the interactive sales tool. By design, the process runs through multiple iterative phases. Each phase is reviewed with the SKO-IT team to ensure the solution matches their needs and expectations. During the first phase, I developed three different conceptual approaches to organize and represent the content visually.

Blueprint phase

Next, Artifizer further developed the chosen components of the concepts into the blueprint. At this phase, we design the structure, style, and content of the final product. After a last review and feedback round, Artifizer produced and delivered the interactive sales tool.

Outcomes and results

As a result of our engagement, the employees at SKO-IT have a clear and shared understanding of customers, products, and services. The sales team has a tool to engage customers in meaningful conversations around their specific challenges. They are resulting in customer-centric conversations to solve challenges.


Artifizer helped our team look through our customers' eyes to prioritize and align our companies values and goals. The workshop outcomes resulted in much more than the sales tool; These insights helped us re-imagine how we provide value to our clients in the future ahead!

—Rob Brendel

Accountmanager Printing & AV


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