Failure to provide leaders with a clear strategy leaves objectives open to interpretation, creating ineffective plans and inefficient communication. 

Strategy Sprint workshops empower people to understand, align and move forward.

Strategy Sprint workshop

Engage leaders to reveal organizational challenges and opportunities visually on the wall. Compose a visual reference point and plan a clear course. 

Strategy Sprint workshops result in engaged teams empowered to prioritize work and move forward.


Communication planning

Define your target audiences and understand their challenges. We'll design a strategy that helps you determine communication goals and plan precise, consistent communication over time.


Empower people with clarity and understanding to work together productively! 


Visual storytelling

Transform your change effort into a compelling visual story. People will only consider joining your envisioned path to the future if they understand why it is relevant to them.


Visual presentations are a reference point to set a course onwards. Guide your audience towards your imagined future and reveal actionable steps to start the journey.


“Do you want to take your ideas and make them punch? Hire Hermen. He's an expert at turning complex, hard to unpack ideas into simple, highly relevant visualizations and concepts — he'lll take your project to the next level.”


Justin Owings,

Director of Content Strategy

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