• Hermen Lutje Berenbroek

Explore your personal Ikigai with the interactive purpose canvas

Turbulent economic times may force many to reconsider their careers. To help people find direction and purpose in this exploration, I have developed a visual canvas based on the Purpose Venn diagram created by Andrés Zuzunaga. It is available as an open-source MURAL template. Feel free to share, use, and improve!

The interactive Ikigai Mural template

Start here to create your own Purpose Venn Diagram. The template guides you through each step of the process and provides you with a place to update and adjust your journey over time.


About the Ikigai Venn Diagram

The actual Ikigai Venn Diagram is not the Ikigai concept. Andrés Zuzunaga created the Purpose Venn Diagram, and it became the source of understanding about ikigai in the West. Nicholas Kemp at the Ikigai tribe wrote a great article about the Origin of the Ikigai Venn Diagram.


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