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Artifizer helps organizations understand complex challenges, engage diverse stakeholders, and develop clear solutions. Because change happens together.


We work hand-in-hand to craft persuasive visual stories that connect and move you forward.

If you can’t see it,
you can’t do it


Visual thinking enables co-creation. It is efficient and inclusive by nature. Because our brains are hardwired to rapidly make sense of visual input. I put your ideas on the wall to be shaped and shared. It’s not about creating art, it’s about improving understanding — so teams can map challenges, bridge gaps and spark new ideas together. 

Photo credits: Victor Puig Costa, Domestika

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Visual maps


Presentation development


and  training


Domestika Visual Thinking course

Together with the Domestika team I have developed a Visual Thinking course . During this course, you will learn to effectively explore, structure, and communicate complex concepts using drawing. Visual Thinking will empower you to pitch business strategies, new technology, or ideas.

Specialized offerings for

 Sales & Marketing 

 Executives & Thought Leaders 

 Agile Teams 

“Do you want to take your ideas and make them punch? Hire Hermen. He's an expert at turning complex, hard to unpack ideas into simple, highly relevant visualizations and concepts — he'lll take your project to the next level.”


Justin Owings,

Director of Content Strategy