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In-company Visual Thinking training

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During an in-company training, you'll learn what Visual Thinking is and why it is such a powerful tool. Then you'll acquire basic drawing skills to explore, organize, and present your ideas using visuals. Finally, you will put your new Visual Thinking skills into practice.

About this workshop

This workshop is for anyone who wants to enhance creativity, understanding, and communication in meetings. The workshop is interactive, challenging, and personal. No drawing experience is necessary. You learn basic techniques to make complex information easy to understand.

I will design a training workshop based on your specific challenges. Let's get together to explore your needs; It's the fastest way to find out how I can help!

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Why a training
from Hermen?

Hermen is an accomplished Visual Thinker. He  helps global organizations understand complex challenges, engage diverse stakeholders, and develop clear solutions for over a decade.